Chest compress with low-fat quark

Respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, pneumonia, especially with heavy secretions and mucus in the airways

From what age:
From the 6th month of life


  • Low-fat quark
  • Household paper
  • Substance cloth (absorbent cotton cloth)
  • Protective cloth (terry towel)
  • Hot water bottle or cherry stone cushion
  • Ceiling
  • Substance cloth (absorbent cotton cloth)
  • Protective cloth (terry towel)


  • Warm the quark to room temperature
  • 2-3 household paper towels, joined together in a length that reaches around the child's chest
  • Fold household paper lengthwise two to three times
  • Spread the quark thinly with a spoon on kitchen paper up to 1 cm from the edge
  • Wrap the household paper coated with quark around the child's chest, starting from the back
  • Then cover with a cotton cloth
  • Wrap child in prepared terry towel and wrap with blanket and hot water bottle
  • Best used before sleep, for at least 30 minutes
  • Rest for 15-30 minutes

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