Our growing Youkidoc team

We are delighted that Prof. Dr. med. Sebastian Gehmert, specialist in orthopaedic surgery and traumatology, will be joining our team from January 2024. Your child will be in the best orthopaedic hands with him.

Congratulations on completing your apprenticeship!

Congratulations to our apprentice Adina Fahl for passing her final apprenticeship exam. We are proud of you and look forward to you staying with us after your apprenticeship and actively supporting our MPA team.


We are delighted to welcome Dr. Tina Eggmann-Trachsel to our team from July. As a specialist in allergology, clinical immunology and pediatric and adolescent medicine, she will be at your side with all her expertise in the detection, care and treatment of allergies.


In the whole Gundeli-Quartier the Quartierflohmarkt will take place on 13.5.2023 and we from Youkidoc will be there! At the privately organized flea market stands of our employees you will find old, new, unusual and maybe even one or the other trouvaille. With musical support from Lara & Anna (Voice and Guitar) at 15.00. Come by and discover Youkidoc and...

Our new pediatricians

We are very pleased that from January Dr. med. Felix Petersen and from March Dr. med. Gregor Buggle will strengthen our team. With them, your child will be cared for in dedicated and experienced hands.

Practice Shop

In our new Youkidoc store you can buy health wraps, handmade soaps from Zasoap, selected children's books and nutritional supplements from Qualia right here on site. Take a look regularly. We constantly complement our small but fine store with high-quality new ideas.

New opening hours

Urgent appointments:Mon to Fri 08 - 20 h (during Basel school vacations until 18 h)Sat 08 - 14 h Regular office hours:Mon to Fri 08 - 12 h and 13 - 17 h

Online dates

Youkidoc is now also there for you online! You can now also book appointments with your pediatrician via our homepage. We offer online appointments for: ✔️ Regular check-ups with your pediatrician ✔️ Non-urgent appointments with your pediatrician Here you can easily book your appointment online. Appointments with the specialist are still only available by phone....

Seminar for mothers of children 0-5 years on emergency pedagogy 30th June 2022

Семінар для мам дітей 0-5 років з педагогіки у непередбачених ситуаціях Young children cannot put into words their experiences of the war and fleeing Ukraine. It is difficult to assess how events will affect the well-being and development of you and your children. Experienced pedagogues in emergency situations want to share their knowledge with you....

Intensive Caring - Restoring Peace in your Body

We help you to inner serenity, harmony and fresh strength for all your life situations. The two unique and highly qualified therapists Andrea Gardner and Fiona Cox from the UK, are exclusively at Youkidoc Health Center in Basel in June to offer their "Intensive Caring" sessions in collaboration with the Heart-Based Medicine Foundation. Due to the high demand...

Innovative offer for Ukrainian children in Basel

The Youkidoc team makes its lounge and training room available as an "open space" for mothers and children from Ukraine. In cooperation with Heart-Based Medicine Foundation, Patrizia Foundation, Caritas, HEKS and stART International we have first strong partners for an integrative pedagogical-therapeutic offer. For this project we are looking for versatile integrative pedagogues and therapists for a low-threshold offer. Also...

Basic medical care for Ukrainian children in Basel

At Youkidoc Ukrainian children and their accompanying persons are welcome. Even before granting the status S. Here we see the children in the emergency practice until the evening and Saturday and in the consultation during the day. The last week has shown it: The CARITAS - CMS project "Social work in practice" once again proves its worth. The...

Youkidoc supports children's hospital in Ukraine

The now bombed children's hospitals in Ukraine are in urgent need of support. Youkidoc has donated medical equipment and supplies and a first transport has arrived at a children's hospital in Ukraine. A second transport with urgently needed medicines for chronically ill patients (insulin, thyroid hormones, etc.) are on their way.

Tips for handling masks for children

Since the beginning of the year 2022, masks have been compulsory indoors in Basel schools for children from elementary school age 1. In order to make it easier for the children to use the mask, we would like to provide the following tips: Headaches and dizziness can be positively influenced with clearer breathing and a conscious breathing technique. A more upright sitting posture and active relaxation exercises can...

Youkidoc is now also there for you on Saturday!

Sometimes you can't wait until Monday... That's why we are now also there for you on weekends! As of August 21, 2021, we will also open our emergency practice on Saturday mornings from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. for urgent appointments of our small and large patients. On Saturday, we are already available by telephone from 8 a.m. at...

Under one roof

We are moving together. The paediatricians of Laufenstrasse 44 (former practice of Dr. Schneider) will be there for you at Güterstrasse 90 from 1 March. Nothing will change for your family in terms of individual care. From 1 March, we welcome you to our new premises in the courtyard of Güterstrasse 90. The...

Act socially

We are proud. The pilot project "Social counselling in the family practice" could start on 1.2.2021 at Youkidoc. Ms Dunia Vetter mediates and organises relief options in everyday family life, advises on insurance law issues and provides support in clarifying financing problems.

Reinforcement at Youkidoc

At the beginning of the new year, we are very happy to welcome 2 new doctors at Youkidoc: - Andreas Spaenhauer-Horànyi brings as a very experienced pediatrician all his knowledge and skills of over 10 years of practice in our center for you.- Marie-Louise Decker also complements our pediatric offer with her profound expertise. We...

Safe to the pediatrician

Here for you. The new coronavirus will keep us busy for some time to come. In our practice, hygiene measures are consistently implemented. Patients with suspected infection with the new coronavirus are given appointments quickly. They are cared for in their own rooms and do NOT have close contact with other patients (e.g. waiting room).

Together with you

What beats clear and direct communication? We wish we could reach you by email, because in the future you will only receive information from us via email and phone/SMS. Please send a blank email to with the subject "Email from {patient}".

Expansion in the pediatric team

We would like to welcome Dr. Monika Oser to our team of paediatricians. With her consultation hours at Güterstrasse 90, we are now able to establish the concept of integrative medicine at this location as well. We are very much looking forward to her contribution.

Corona test

Because of its suitable rooms and procedures in emergency practice, Youkidoc has been included on the cantonal list of medical practices that perform corona smears on children and adolescents.

Training with Youkidoc

Adina Fahl is already our 2nd MPA in training, who is starting her apprenticeship with us in our health centre. For this purpose the two apprentices have their own experienced teaching MPA's available for training and supervision.

We wish you a healthy holiday.

During the summer holidays our practice remains open for you. The opening hours are Monday to Friday 08.00 - 12.00 and 14.00 - 18.00h We wish you healthy holidays.

Sara Auer joins the MPA team at Laufenstrasse

We consider ourselves fortunate that Sara Auer is part of the MPA team at Laufenstrasse. She brings with her a lot of knowledge in child care and a highly qualified expertise. 

Dr. Laila Baur new medical specialist at Laufenstrasse

Dr. Laila Baur has been working with us since November. Due to her friendly and competent manner, she is an asset to our patients as well as to our Youkidoc team.

Youkidoc is also a training centre for prospective paediatricians

Due to the qualification as a teaching practitioner practice, Youkidoc is able to welcome Zoe Schumacher, who will start working as a practical assistant at Güterstrasse 90 in January 2020.

Youkidoc becomes training centre for medical practice assistants

In the growing Youkidoc team there are four MPA with training authorisation. Starting in August we welcome Pranavi Ravendran to our team at Laufenstrasse 44 as the first MPA in training. Many patients already know and appreciate her from her time as a trainee with us.

Eva Suter, children's nurse, strengthens the team

We are pleased to welcome Eva Suter to our team at Güterstrasse 90. She is a children's nurse with many years of experience at the UKBB's emergency ward and has extensive experience in parent counselling.

Dr. Andrea Bischof on maternity leave

Welcome Serafina! You were born healthy and well today. The whole Youkidoc team is very happy with you, your parents and your three brothers. Your mother will be with you during her maternity leave.

Three medical specialists strengthen the team

The team at Laufenstrasse is complemented by three motivated and cordial specialists in child and youth medicine. Dr. Birgit Rehm and Dr. Sabine Uhde strengthen the Laufenstrasse team. Dr. Sarah Felber joins the team at the Güterstrasse. This will allow us to further expand the range of services and opening hours over the next 6 months.

Dr Schneider retires

On July 1, Dr. Andreas Schneider will be taking his well-deserved retirement at Laufenstrasse 44 after more than 35 years of pediatrics and almost 20 years in the profession. With his loving and humorous manner, he has offered his detailed expertise and vast experience in an incomparable lightness of touch. He has shaped the spirit of the practice and at the same time he has been...

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