Fever wrap

Lemon calf wrap or vinegar wrap

Indication: Fever (to reduce fever, only for warm legs/arms when fever stops rising).


  • Water
  • Organic lemon or vinegar (2 tbsp.)
  • Gauze or cloths


  • Fill a bowl with tempered water (each 2-3° C below the current fever temperature).
  • Add one to two organic lemon halves
  • Score the peel with a knife (release essential oils).
  • Subsequently, cut and mash the lemons in the water
  • Soak gauze diapers or similar cloths with it, wring out well until it stops dripping
  • Wrap calves and wrap in blanket towels
  • Observe child
  • As soon as the wraps become warm they can be changed
  • One treatment includes a run of 3×10-15min changing pad
  • Repeat as needed

Note: Do not use on cold feet

Arnica pulse wrap

Indication: fever (fresh, rising, chills, child shivering)


  • Water
  • Arnica Essence (20%)
  • Pulse cloths gauze


  • Mix about ¼ liter of hot water with 1 tsp arnica essence
  • Pulse cloths soak gauze in it, wring out well until it stops dripping
  • Put gauze on the pulse points as warm as possible
  • Then wrap warm
  • Repeat at will; observe child and wrap up warmly

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