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Youkidoc is now also online for you!

You can now also book appointments with your pediatrician through our website. We offer online appointments for:

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✔️ Non-urgent appointments with your pediatrician

Here you can easily book your appointment online.

Appointments with the specialist can still only be made by telephone, after referral by your pediatrician. Of course, we are still available by phone at the number 061 201 01 01 available for your concerns and appointment requests.

Seminar for mothers of children 0-5 years on emergency pedagogy 30th June 2022

Семінар для мам дітей 0-5 років з педагогіки у непередбачених ситуаціях

Young children cannot put into words their experiences of the war and fleeing Ukraine. It is difficult to assess how events will affect the well-being and development of you and your children. Experienced pedagogues in emergency situations want to share their knowledge with you. We want to strengthen the relationship between you and your child in a playful way and give you valuable, proven advice.

Маленькі діти не можуть словами передати свої переживання, пов'язані з війною та втечею з України. Важко оцінити, як події вплинуть на самопочуття і розвиток вас і ваших дітей. Досвідчені фахівці з педагогіки у непередбачених ситуаціях хочуть поділитися з вами своїми знаннями. Ми хочемо зміцнити стосунки між вами та вашою дитиною в ігровій формі та дати вам цінні, перевірені поради.

In this 4-hour workshop we will talk about:

- stages of development that each child between the ages of 0 and 5 goes through

- the impact of war and flight on young children

- signs and behaviors to look out for

- games and activities with which you can strengthen and activate your child and yourself in a playful way

На цьому 4-годинному семінарі ми поговоримо про.:

- етапи розвитку, які проходить кожна у віці від 0 до 5 років.

- вплив війни та втечі на маленьких дітей

- ознаки та поведінку, на які слід звернути увагу.

- ігри та заняття, за допомогою яких можна в ігровій формі зміцнити та активізувати свою дитину та себе.

You will also meet other mothers with children from 0 to 5 years old and can communicate and exchange ideas. You can come with your children, a play space will be organized for them!

Ви також зустрінитеся з іншими матерями з дітьми від 0 до 5 років і можете спілкуватися та обмінюватися ідеями.

Ви може приходити зі своїми дітками, для них буде організований ігровий простір!

Terms of participation: free of charge, pre-registration required: or telegram to +380504938441, Olena. The number of participants is limited - up to 25 people per course

Language: there will be a translation into Ukrainian

When: June 30, 2022 (9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.)

Where: Youkidoc

Умови участі: безкоштовно, необхідна попередня реєстрація: або повідомлення у телеграм на номер +380504938441, Олена. Кількість учасників обмежена - до 25 осіб на курс.

Мова: буде переклад на українську

Коли: 30 липня 2022 року (з 9:00 до 13:00)

Де: Youkidoc

Intensive Caring - Restoring Peace in your Body

We help you to inner serenity, harmony and fresh strength for all your life situations.

The two unique and highly qualified therapists Andrea Gardner and Fiona Cox from the United Kingdom, are in June exclusively at the Youkidoc Health Center in Basel to offer their"Intensive Caring"sessions in collaboration with the Heart-Based Medicine Foundation.

Due to the high demand, we have expanded the offer again. Reserve your session. The first 200 sessions were fully booked within 18 hours - the feedback is incredible.

Innovative offer for Ukrainian children in Basel

Youkidoc team provides its lounge and training room as an "open space" for mothers and children from Ukraine. In cooperation with the Heart-Based Medicine Foundation, the Patrizia Foundation, Caritas, HEKS and stART International we have first strong partners for an integrative pedagogical-therapeutic offer. For this project we are looking for versatile integrative pedagogues and therapists for a low-threshold offer. Ukrainian, Polish or Russian speaking (psycho)therapists are also welcome.

We are urgently looking for partners to support us financially and in terms of content. Donations are tax exempt via Heart-Based Medicine Foundation And go to 100 % in the project. Contact: Salome Stäuble,

Basic medical care for Ukrainian children in Basel

At Youkidoc Ukrainian children and their accompanying persons are welcome. Even before granting the status S. Here we see the children in the emergency practice until the evening and Saturday and in the consultation during the day. The last week has shown it: The CARITAS - CMS project "Social work in practice" once again proves its worth. The social counselor, Dunja Vetter, even speaks Russian and has already been able to provide groundbreaking assistance to many mothers.
Registration with Youkidoc please only via 061 201 01 01. Each child needs individual support.

Youkidoc supports children's hospital in Ukraine

The children's hospitals in Ukraine, which have since been bombed, urgently need support. 

Youkidoc has donated medical equipment and supplies and a first shipment has arrived at a children's hospital in Ukraine.

A second transport with urgently needed medicines for the chronically ill (insulin, thyroid hormones, etc.) is on its way.

Tips for handling masks for children

Since the beginning of 2022, masks have been compulsory indoors in Basel schools for children from elementary school age 1.

To make it easier for the children to use the mask, we would like to give the following tips:

  • Headaches and dizziness can be positively influenced with clearer breathing and a conscious breathing technique. A more upright sitting posture and active relaxation exercises can also have a preventive effect.
  • Mask strap extensions/ear protectors for masks improve wearing comfort and prevent tension headaches.
  • Essential oils (eucalyptus / rosemary / rose) lightly introduced into the mask, open airways, have a positive effect on nausea, balance and can promote concentration.
  • Keep a positive attitude despite the circumstances, let kids get outside and move around a lot after school, during the "mask-free" time.
  • Talk to the children about the situation and encourage them: let's explain to the children why the mask should be worn in the current situation and that even this requirement will most likely only be for a short time.

Youkidoc is now also there for you on Saturday!

Sometimes you can't wait until Monday... That's why we are now also there for you at the weekend!

Starting August 21, 2021, we will also open our emergency practice on Saturday mornings from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. for urgent appointments for our patients, young and old.

You can reach us by telephone on Saturday from 8 a.m. onwards on the usual number 061 201 01 01.

Under one roof

We are moving in together. The pediatricians of Laufenstrasse 44 (former Practice Dr. Schneider) are from 1 March at Güterstrasse 90 there for you. Nothing changes for your family in terms of individual care.

From the March 1 we would like to welcome you to our new premises in the courtyard of Güterstrasse 90. The common Phone number is 061 201 01 01.

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