Coughing is a useful protective reflex. It is often the longest lasting symptom of respiratory infection.


  • Set the crib at an angle at the head end (possibly place books or folders underneath)
  • Regularly offer sips of warm tea or water. A little honey in the warm tea helps well with dry cough
  • Mucous cough:
    • Cleanse the nose before sleeping: Rinse the nose with saline solution and then give decongestant nose drops (for a maximum of seven days at a time). Chest rubs and compresses are also helpful, as is inhalation of a chamomile (tea) infusion. It is best to discuss the use of expectorant remedies with your doctor.
    • Air the bedroom in the evening and make sure the air is sufficiently humid (hang a humidifier or large damp terry cloth).
    • Put a sliced fresh onion next to the bed
    • Drizzle three drops of eucalyptus oil on pillow/outside of bed
  • For barking cough:

Report to docter if:

  • Shortness of breath: with accelerated or strained, painful breathing. (without fever!)
  • For blue lips/mouth triangle
  • If the cough is accompanied by fever, accelerated breathing or pain when breathing for more than three days

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